Interior Decor

Interior Decor

Imagine moving into a new place! Doesn’t it feel like you are on cloud 9? Well, when you enter into your newly designed home, the next thing that might leap to your mind is to decorate the same by using beautiful accessories. Who does not like to give their home a personalized touch with items that never go out of trend? From helping you select the right decorating accessories to offering you creative ideas, Designmyspaces focuses on enhancing the style of your room. It becomes essential to choose suitable accessories for your home decoration to create a living space that is astounding to look at and comfortable to stay. 

Flower Vases

A flower a day keeps all the bad vibes away and makes you happy every day! 

Having vases full of flowers in your home will definitely make every day beautiful for you. Using flower vases gives a different kind of charm to your interiors and catches everyone’s eyes. Flowers, especially those that are in bloom, always add color and life to your home. Moreover, if it is not possible to get fresh flowers, you can go for those artificial ones that are no less beautiful. We at Designmyspaces can ultimately help and suggest you choose the right flower vases to add life to your home. Accept it or not, flower vases are incomparable and perfect for your home decor.


Types of Flower Vases
  • Ceramic Vase
  • Mason Jar
  • Bud Vase
  • Pedestal Vase
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Mirror mirror on the wall, let’s give an exciting look to your hall.

When you decorate your home with mirrors, they bring a whole new level of energy to your room. No matter what furniture and accessories you are using, the mirror is a décor item that goes perfectly with everything. From reflecting light to making your smaller room look bigger, mirrors add luxury to the interiors of your place. So in order to beautify your home, why not go and check out all the beautiful mirrors in the market? Designmyspaces will act as your guide and help you place the perfect mirror at the perfect place.   

Types of Mirrors
  • Floor Mirror
  • Wall Mirror
  • Swivel or Swing Arm Mirror
  • Antique Mirrors
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Light Fixtures

Brighten up your home sweet home to brighten up your mood

Mixing up decorative lights and the room’s natural light enhances the beauty of a place and sets your mood. Whether you use chandeliers, lamps, pendant, or any other lights, you need to choose it wisely because it can either make or break your room’s appearance. Beautiful lighting setup comes with positive vibes and hence investing in these light fixtures is a perfect way to attract positivity in your home. At Designmyspaces, our interior designers provide you with commendable ideas that you can use and play with these light fixtures to change the entire look of your room.  

Types of Light Fixtures
  • Chandeliers
  • Table Lamp
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Wall Sconces
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Let’s modernize a traditional room with enduring and elegant sculptures. 

Antique masterpieces and sculptures work wonders in adding live drama to home interiors. If you wish to add warmth and depth to your interiors, you can decorate it with sculptures of different shapes and sizes. It is the best artwork that displays and reflects your hobby and personality. For instance, if you bring a sea life inspired sculpture, it clearly depicts your inclination towards the sea. Likewise, bringing nature-inspired sculptures shows your love for nature. So, what are you waiting for? Let Designmyspaces help you discover beautiful sculptures that would make your visitors stop and stare at it.  

Types of Sculptures
  • Equestrian statue
  • Figurine
  • Modern sculpture
  • Kinetic art
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