How it Works

You imagine the space, we will create it

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Our journey of designing a space begins by understanding your business as well as your requirements. For this, we create a layout plan and presentation to make our work easier. In this first phase, we meet the client and agree to work on their needs


We start this phase by getting all the information about your furniture and available space. After gathering all the required information, the next destination is our creative studio. We go through the design concepts that were presented to the clients.

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Detailed specification

In this phase, we meet with clients in our studio in order to have a discussion regarding the 2D designs and choose materials from the sample library. After that, our focus goes on creating technical drawings and 3D visualizations.


In the last stage, we give the 3D drawings, and technical drawings to you and will recommend a contractor for you. You can also choose the contractor on your own. After getting the Bill of Quantities approved, the process of execution begins.

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